Research activities

Fundamental and Incubation Division

Laboratory of Animal Cell Function

In this laboratory, roles of cell surface glycan chains in cell-cell interaction and the signal transduciton in fertilization, early development, and organogenesis (nerve cell, blood cell, adipose cell, and mammary gland) are studied at the molecular level.

Laboratory of Molecular Biosystem

Our laboratory is elucidating molecular mechanism of strategy of plant environmental adaptation. We also try to produce new rice variety using these results.

Laboratory of Plant Cell Function

This laboratory addresses questions about the molecular mechanisms of how the plant cells respond to environmental and developmental cues. The current research program focuses on signal transduction mechanisms of plant hormones, abscisic acid (ABA) and cytokinins, and of water stress. We also investigate regulatory mechanisms underlying pollen formation and seed development.

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Developmental and Applied Division

Laboratory of Plant Molecular Breeding

The major aim of this laboratory is to investigate the molecular mechanisms of development in higher plants and their response to phytohormones.

Laboratory of Plant Bioresource

Objectives of this laboratory are isolating and analyzing the regulatory mechanism of the important genes for agricultural traits using rice genetic resources accumulated and newly discovered by induced mutations. Our laboratory is placed as the sub-center of rice section in NBRP (National Bioresource Project) and registered mutant stocks are available for other laboratories.

Laboratory of Organogenesis and Organ Function

The major interest of this laboratory is to elucidate the processes how an animal body is established from a fertilized embryo. Using medaka and zebrafish as models for vertebrate species, the laboratory is trying to reveal the mechanisms that control the formation and function of various organs, including central nervous system, internal organs, and pigment epithelium.

Laboratory of Bioinformation (International and domestic professorship programs)

Research projects in this laboratory are decided and carried out under international and domestic visiting professor programs.

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